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Gems have intrigued humans for atleast 10,000 years. The first known, used for making jewelry, include amethyst, rock, crystal, amber, garnet, jade, jasper, coral, laips lazuli, pearl, serpentine, emerald, and turquoise. These stones were reserved for the wealthy, and served as status symbols. Rulers sealed documents with their jewel-encrusted seals. Such treasures can now be admired at many museums and treasure-vaults.

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What are Gemstone ?

A gemstone is the name given to a piece of mineral (or other rock or organic material) that after it has been cut and polished has been made into a piece of jewellery or another accessory.

Although gemstones are commonly made from minerals, material such as jet or amber or rocks like lapis lazuli can also be utilised in the creation of gemstones.

How Are Gemstones Formed?

Even though the vast majority of gemstones are created below the surface of the earth, there are a number of different ways that the individual stones can be created. A great number of these precious stones are created when the minerals react with water that is found just below the surface of the earth and the minerals then dissolve. This process allows the minerals to form with gemstones like opals, agates and amethysts forming when the solution cools or evaporates.

Why Should You Wear Gemstones?

There are many reasons why you should wear gemstones. Traditionally, they are believed to remove all the negative energies attached to any zodiac sign. There are different gemstones for all zodiac signs, so you can benefit a lot by wearing a gemstone of your zodiac sign. Opal, yellow sapphire, emerald, ruby, red coral etc are the names of a few gemstones which are said to possess great powers.

Buying Gemstones

With gemstones being the focal point of so many great pieces of jewellery, it is understandable why so many people are interested in buying them. However, it helps to know what you are doing and looking for when you shop for gemstones. It goes without saying that you should only buy gemstones from respected firms or individuals. If a too-good-to-be- true deal for gemstones arises, it is likely to be too-good-to-be-true.